All in Credit Cards

The American Express Explorer Credit Card

The American Express Explorer Credit Card is one of the most well-rounded Credit Cards in the Australian market. It features a high, consistent points earn-rate, lounge access, Travel Insurance, Smartphone Screen Insurance, and Rental Hire Excess Insurance. Signing up will also give you the opportunity to get sign-up bonus of 60k Membership Rewards Gateway points which can get you $400 worth of Coles/Woolworths gift cards!

ANZ Travel Adventures Card

If you fly domestically at least once a year and pay more than $225 for your return flight, you should probably consider applying for the ANZ Travel Adventures Card. There is a $225 annual fee, but you also get a free domestic return flight including all the East Coast cities (BNE/MEL/SYD) to Perth (and vice versa).

Credit Cards give you "free money"

You might be missing out on several hundreds of dollars of cash every year if you aren't using a Credit Card to pay for everything. Rewards Points can not only buy you flights, but also Gift Cards to directly offset the cost of groceries. You can do this all by paying for everything on your Credit Card. Just make sure you're not paying any interest..